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Optimise Your Cognitive Performance
Soul Juice Supplements can improve brain function so that you can relax, focus and get more done.
What Are Nootropic Supplements?
Nootropic supplements are natural compounds that have been proven to elicit positive effects on brain function. They work by increasing or enhancing the function of the respective neurotransmitters that regulate our concentration, focus, working memory, mood and sleep. Nootropic supplements can also increase neurogenesis to improve long-term learning ability, as well as to provide neuroprotective benefits against neural degeneration and stress.
Our Products
Our cognition comprises several different functions, each working through a separate neurological pathway. Many supplements attempt to enhance the function of several different neurotransmitters with a single pill, but this is unrealistic and leads manufacturers to include ingredients at ineffective dosages. 
At Soul Juice we believe that cognitive enhancement should be highly targeted, and that's why each of our products targets a single neurological pathway, always using highly synergistic ingredients at clinically tested dosages.
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Proponents of Nootropic Supplements
Joe Rogan
UFC Commentator, Podcaster & Comic
"It seems to fire up your brain at a higher RPM... It helps me form sentences better".
Tim Ferriss
Author & Entrepreneur
"I use cognitive enhancers to improve my mental performance and productivity".
Ray Kurzweil
Inventor, Futurist & Google Excecutive
"I take 150 pills to stay young, but everything I take has a lot of evidence behind it".
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Our natural relaxation inducing neurotransmitter

High levels: relaxation and creativity

Low levels: stress and anxiety


Our natural motivation inducing neurotransmitter

High levels: focus and motivation

Low levels: fatigue and inattention


Our natural happiness inducing neurotransmitter

High levels: good mood
Low levels: depression


Our natural memory regulating neurotransmitter

High levels: good cognitive function

Low levels: brain fog and poor memory

Introducing the Neurotransmitters

Neuro Line Supplements

What Our Customers Say

Matt P.

"I love CALM Juice. The feeling of peace and tranquillity I get is fantastic and my stress just melts away."

Tom S.

"I have felt incredibly motivated and found it a lot easier to concentrate and crack on with my work."

Loanne N.

"After trying several 5-HTP products I find MOOD Juice to be most effective for me."

Matt Peterson

"I seem to finally be making some headway with my life-long fatigue and memory problems."

Long-Term Brain Health Supplements