Focus Boost is our premium catecholamine oriented neutraceutical supplement.


It has been developed against copious amounts of research to be the very best and most effective natural motivation and concentration dopaminergic nootropic. 

Focus Boost™

  • Through much research and development, we can guarantee that Focus Boost is the most effective natural focus and concentration enhancing supplement on the market. All ingredients have been selected at clinically tested doses for their combined synergistic effects. Our team has trawled through several hundred academic papers to understand how the precise mechanisms of each ingredient works.

    All ingredients that we use are high ratio extracts. This means that our ingredients are up to 50 times stronger than raw plant powder. Our extracts are also standardised to contain the highest concentration of active ingredients, all of which have been extensively researched for their effects on DA receptors in the brain.

    This product is completely free from GMO's, dairy, gluten and animal products. We only use capsules made of plant cellulose and never gelatin.

    At just £0.76 per dose, Focus Boost is much cheaper than a cup of coffee. There's also nothing added to our formula, and we pack the capsule full of ingredients to make the most of the space.