Focus Shield and Cognition Gen were designed to be used together from their inception. Each specifically targets dopamine and acetylcholine function respectively; both of these neurotransmitters are instruental in the regulation of our attention, working memory, and over all cognitive performance.

The Brainpower Pack - Focus Boost™ & Cognition Boost™

  • Focus Boost is the most effective natural dopamine enhancing supplement on the market, and Brain Gen is the most effective natural acetylcholine enhancing supplement on the market.

    All ingredients that we use are high ratio extracts. This means that our ingredients are up to 50 times stronger than raw plant powder. Our extracts are also standardised to contain the highest concentration of active ingredients, all of which have been extensively researched for their effects on antioxidant and neurotrophic factor function in the brain.


    This product is completely free from GMO's, dairy, gluten and animal products. We only use capsules made of plant cellulose and never gelatin.



Soul Juice Supplements hosts a range of completely original, targeted, nootropic supplements, for relaxation, motivation, mood, cognition and lucidity; all at highly affordable prices.


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